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Altar Candle


Tram and Kevin, founders of Sạch. Sạch means clean in Vietnamese. They are a Vietnamese-American couple living in LA spending a lot of time thinking about the impact of consumption on our environment.

They started Sạch because like many people they have struggled to balance their current desires for comfort with growing concerns for the future of the environment.  Sach represents their hope of creating meaningful, worthwhile products that also happen to be eco-friendly.

Nag Champ, Grapefruit, Peony, Cherry Blossom- It's earthy without being dark. The citrus and floral tones help balance and lighten the scent. Perfect for zen and a moment of reflection.

• All-natural coconut wax
• Hand-poured in small batches
• Coreless flat-braided wicks
• Recyclable and reusable jar with lid
• Burn time 40-50 hours
• Each candle comes packaged in its own box